Thursday, January 12, 2006

Early Voting in from Gambling Cosmos: Signs Point to Yes

If the gambling gods are commenting on the plan to give the full-time degeneracy gig a whirl, the early returns seem to support the idea that they're in favor of it. So far 2006 is treating me very, very well.

Propping is turning out to be really interesting in regards to playing on a low traffic site and being one of the regulars at the higher limits. The prop program where I mostly play at is structured in such a way that I have no clue who the other props are, so it's kind of fun to play guess the prop. The odd thing is that I'm not sure there are many, based on how often most of the regulars blow up and belittle players from time to time, and generally act like an ass. And I say "odd" only because the other prop program I signed up is for a different site, and I can almost never even sit at mid/high tables there, as it's full of props and the program only allows a certain number of props to sit at each table at one time.

I would have thought playing with largely the same people day in and day out would be more challenging than it is, as far as mixing up your play, encountering the same tough players, etc. So far, not so much. Two of the main donators in the games (both of whom play far too aggressively and pay far too little attention) are convinced I'm a complete moron, which I think helps.

I'm still baffled that something as simple as letting an overaggressive player bet your hand for you, all the way to the river, can cause them to go into such immediate tirades and epileptic fits, especially when you make such a "horrible" play as simply calling their raise from the BB with A8o, flop an ace, and check-call them to the river, when they continue to bet their unimproved K10o. The funniest part of the equation is that 90% of the time their response is to push even harder with even less, which is the wrong response, 90% of the time.

I do wish the site supported PokerTracker, though, so I could see just how abnormally well I'm running. I doubt this run is sustainable but I'm also not being smacked around by the deck. The Leatherass Principle also seems to be more pronounced now that I'm playing tons of hands, as far as the ability to pretty consistently get myself unstuck and show a decent profit for the day, by sheer stubborn dint of playing until I'm not stuck.


d said...

Please expand on the LeatherAss principle for the ignorant. :)

ScurvyDog said...


Unless I unknowingly ripped someone off, that was a unique ScurvyDogism to describe the princple of playing hour after hour after hour of poker, ass turning leathery, refusing to get out of the chair until you get out of a hole and are least at break even for the day.