Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 and Beyond

2005 was a pretty damn good year, any way you slice it. ScurvyWife and I had a lot of fun in Year 1 of the whole marriage thing, poker treated me well, and all my little side ventures started adding up into something appreciable. The ony negative thing was the day job continued to spiral into suckitude, but it's dumb to complain about that, since, umm, nothing is forcing me to go there.

I eclipsed most of my monetary poker goals around June or so, so that one gets a checkmark. I'm a better player, so that gets a checkmark. I didn't really expand my expertise to other games, though, so that one I flunk. I'm marginally capable at more games, but I didn't really buckle down and focus on anything or build up and sort of expertise.

As far as 2006 poker goals, I'm probably going to keep it simple. $50,000 in poker profits and playing in at least one WSOP event (almost definitely Event #4, as it's not only Limit HE but it's also on mah burfday.) I might play more events, depending on how things roll, but that one's pretty much penciled in.

That's pretty much all I've got. It's a bit mercenary to just focus on the bottom line and only use that as a benchmark for success or failure, but if you get down to brass tacks I don't think too many people are in this poker thing for the warm, fuzzy feeling of playing good poker, with no concern for whether they win or lose money.

Happy New Year and best o' luck to everyone in 2006.


Pauly said...

Happy New Year, Scurvy. Best of luck...... in 06.

jremotigue said...

No goal for winning the next Fantasy Football league? No wonder your team choked at the end. ;-)

Happy New Year, and keep up the great writing!

TripJax said...

good luck in 2006 scurvy. keep is up to date on your progress!