Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nothing to See Here

Many thanks for all the responses and comments to the hand I posted a few days back. Sometimes its good for me to wotk things out like that, especially concepts that are maths related, as that ain't my strong suit.

I wish I had exciting, meaty, pokery content to relate, but I'm running a little low at the moment. Still working on a few things related to shorthanded play, but it goes slowly, as everything is qualified by like twelve different other considerations. It's also quarterly/annual review time at work, which always sucks up a ridiculous amount of time.

I'm still chugging along at the virtual tables. I'm starting to get a little gun-shy, as I've had way too many consecutive good days, and it's inevitable that some red numbers start creeping back into the spreadsheet I'm using to track my play. I'm not sure if that's the realist or the pessimist in me coming out. Maybe the realimist.

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