Monday, January 23, 2006

Putting the Swing in Swingy

Poker results have been all over the freaking map the last four or five days. I think I got lulled into a slightly false sense of security early on in my playing many, many hands experiment, as while I was multi-tabling 10/20 short, I wasn't experiencing any gut-wrenching swings in either direction. The volume of hands seemed to be smoothing out results a bit, which was nice.

Enter Lady Variance from stage left. And she's pissed, having been delayed by a flat tire or a thrown horseshoe or some sort of impediment to whatever demonic coach she travels in.

I managed to go into a -150 BB tailspin on Saturday, which was pretty relentless. Basically insert all the bad beats you can think of, in all varieties. For some reason, it was the day of the four flush, where I would start with a big pair, cap it with some lemur(s), flop a set, cap it again, cap the turn, only to lose on the river when the four flush hits the board and aforementioned lemur does, indeed, have 48o, with the 4 being hearts for the flush. I lost four different hands in exactly that fashion, all +$400 pots.

Not much fun. I played through it, though, and erased about half of the hole I'd dug.

Sunday, rinse, lather, and repeat. Pretty much from the first hand I was clutching my junk, moaning in pain. Before I know it I'm down another 100 BB or so. I just kept getting hands run down, over and over, or pumping the pot with 162 outs but never connecting.

Things turned around a little later on, and I finished up down -25 BB. So, for the weekend, I played many, many hands of poker and finished in the hole -100 BB. Sweet. I am teh poker bomb.

The kicker, though, is that I'm still on pace to make roughly double what I would at the day job, as far as monthly profits so far. That's the thing I have to keep in mind, especially on the fugly days. It's kind of stupid to gloss over the quietly profitable days in favor of bemoaning your fate on the junk-kicking days, especially when the quietly profitable days outnumber the junk-kicking days. So, you know, don't be stupid. No one said this was going to be an easy or non-disturbing endeavor.

In other news, pretty happy to see the Steelers and Seachickens in the Super Bowl. I don't have much reason to root for either team, other than I really didn't want to see Jake the Snake in a Super Bowl or hear another person mention that, dude, Steve Smith is really, really short. Mission accomplished.

Pay-per-viewed the Morales/Pacquiao fight on Saturday night, which didn't disappoint. PacMan is a heathen. How you hit someone (and get hit) that much and just get stronger and stronger as the fight progresses, I do not know.

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