Thursday, January 05, 2006

Poker Poker Poker

Things are still rolling well on the poker front. I'm working on some strategy stuff as far as shorthanded play goes, but it's proving kind of hard. First, I'm still not the best shorthanded player in the world, but the real problem is that it's hard to put down general guidelines in stone, since so many things are situational and depend on your opponent. Plays that are brilliant when facing one opponent heads-up are absolutely donkeyfied when facing a different opponent, with exactly the same cards in play.

Pretty encouraged, though, in general as far as poker goes. Large part of it is due to simply running well, so there is that, but shorthanded is feeling more consistently exploitable to me, even more than ring games, so it's easier to imagine actually making a living from it while keeping variance to a minimum. I realize that looks illogical on the surface (and it may be in practice, too) but I'm starting to wonder if profitable shorthanded players actually encounter less variance in general, due to simply being able to see more hands and make more correct decisions.

I may start working some SnGs into the mix, too, likely on Stars. The two sites I'm primarily playing at don't always have games going at the limits I play, especially early in the day, so I may start adding some SnGs into the mix at those times.

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