Friday, January 13, 2006

Like Some Sort of Non-Sticking Glue

I sort of overdid the poker today, getting in a little shy of 2,000 hands or so. I also managed to get myself more stuck than I have for awhile, which was also the first time that's happened to that extent in the new workd order of pretending to play poker full-time.

I guess there's something to be said for being down $2,000 at one point and clawing back to show a loss of "just" $300, but I'm not sure what. Stubborness? Lack of good sense in selecting a hobby that doesn't involve such things? I managed to not overly freak out, though, took breaks, all that jazz, and things finally turned around towards the end.

I started playing three 10/20 shorthanded tables simultaneously today for the first time, which I think contributed to the slide a bit. I can handle the concentration aspect, for the most part, but it's definitely an eye-opening experience in junk-kicking when things go sour. The bulk of the losses came in a half hour window where I kept getting big starting hands that turned into big second-best hands, always running into the nuts. I may back it back down to two tables for now, until I build up a bit more of a cushion to not overly be concerned by such downdrafts, as they're gonna happen.

It's kind of interesting, too, as today was the first day I've found myself making errors from just being tired, after playing so much. In the recent past a 2 hour session was a marathon endeavor for me, and I never really had time to get tired. By tonight, though, I was getting pretty fried, and finally closed shop when I completely mis-read the board and somehow thought I had a straight when I only had, umm, four cards to the straight.

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