Friday, January 06, 2006

Keep on Keeping On

Can't complain much, although, of course, I sort of will, as far as booking another day of 6+ hours of the poker. I'm getting into the groove of it a bit more, as far as grinding out hands, which is good.

Still wrestling with that dumb notion I've struggled with in the past, as far as being tempted to simply quit for the day after going on a big rush. By 10 this morning I was up a little over $1,000 on the day, but I'd only put in a couple of hours. Logic dictates that I should continue to play, which I did, and ending up bleeding back $600 or so of ill-gotten gains.

Which sucks, obviously, but also not the worst thing in the world, obviously. I guess I'm glad I powered through and kept playing, despite the results. I'm spending too much time crunching numbers in my head, as far as what I need to make each day to account for what I'd otherwise be making at a real job. I've got enough of a cushion, though, that all that really matters is what I've made six months from now, or a year from now, etc., which is a much better way of approaching it, methinks.

It's also interesting as far as the weird shit you see, by simply getting in a whole ton of hands in a day. I lost to quads four different times today, flopped quads myself twice, and hit my first royal flush in about six months.

Online poker is so freaking rigged.

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