Sunday, February 19, 2006

Breaking the Weekend Jinx

Yesterday was one of my best poker days in quite awhile. Which felt pretty damn good, especially since I've been getting pretty consistently shellacked each weekend, poker-wise, over the last month or so. I try not to be superstitious about such things, as I rationally know that it makes very little difference which actual day you're playing on (aside from player composition at peak/non-peak times and stuff like that), but it's hard to get it out of your head sometimes, when the dumb monkey in you starts seeing patterns.

Currently attempting to wade my way through the WPT freeroll at Poker4ever, sitting at about middle of the pack with 375 or so remaining players. Finally cleared the last of the Martinspoker bonus this morning, too. Ended up taking my slow-ass time with that one, as it's kind of a grind, but man, them's some juicy tables, if you're patient enough to find the crazies. I may actually leave some cash in the account and run some of their WSOP qualifiers, as there has to be some ridonkulous dead money floating around in those.

Actually was fairly productive as far as getting other assorted work done this weekend, which always feels good. Still searching for better balance between poker/other junk, as lately I've been leaning too much in the direction of poker, and letting results (mostly not so hot) weigh on my general happiness and productivity. Boo, that.

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