Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where Did I Put My Tin Foil Hat?

I've gone over to the dark side. I think I'm going to stop playing on the main prop site, as it's increasingly hard to convince myself that it's a level playing field. There, I said it. String me up.

I've seen a good bit of outright collusion lately first-hand, which I've always wondered about on low traffic sites/network. If you add in an active prop program that pays close to 100% of your rake back, colluding becomes much more profitable and feasible, as you're much less concerned about the toll of rake incurred while trying to isolate players. With many of the mid/high limit games running with only 3-5 players, it wouldn't be hard at all to work together and tag team unsuspecting players.

So that's the primary driver behind my paranoia. It's also the only site/network I've played that I've wondered if the RNG might possibly have been cracked, but that's a whole other kettle of paranoid fish.

I'd been easing back on play at the prop site anyway, as much of my play there had been HU, and I'm man enough to admit that hey, I'm just not the world's best heads-up player, so it not playing there won't have much of an effect on the daily pokering schedule. I may do the Prima thing for awhile, as you can still data mine observed hands there, and I have no real inclination to support the Party monster any more these days.

Don't even get me started on Party's latest shenanigans, as outlined by Rini here. On the bright side, it does offer the opportunity for other sites to step up their affiliate efforts, as there are definitely a large, large number of Party affiliates who are completely fed up with things as they stand.

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fairnbalncd said...

That tin foil hat... Do you recommend the shiny side being in or out?