Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Party Poker Should Hire Isiah Thomas as CEO

I realize that it's a very, very common thing for the sports-obsessed to declare, for no particularly good reason, that they could put together a better team than (insert name of whatever inept owner/president/GM you like).

And it's usually got about as much validity as the guy who claims that hell, he'd go a round or two with Mike Tyson for $172,192,192 million smackeroos. See, JimBob, the problem is that no, you wouldn't, because you'd never get the chance, and, if you did, he'd very likely rip your head from your shoulders.

But I honestly think that our pet rat would do just about as good a job assembling an NBA team as Isiah has. (Plus as an added bonus no one would get sexually harassed. Peanut expenses would skyrocket, but that's about it.)

As if paying Marbury roughly the GDP of Angola wasn't enough, Zeke's decided that adding Steve Francis is a good idea. Who cares if he dribbles the ball for twenty seconds every possession, never passes, and comes with a contract with roughly $50 million remaining on it?

And that deal comes on the heels of picking up Jalen Rose, yet another overpaid smaller dude that likes to shoot, like, a lot.

Is this some sneaky, convoluted plot designed to drive Larry Brown insane, by stockpiling ball-hogging, shoot-first wee people? Who's next? Allen Iverson? Ricky Davis? Steve Francis? (Oh snap, that's right, they just traded for him.)


Dr. Pauly said...

You should write the oops beat for the NY Daily News!

cc said...

Penny just might get released, so Isaiah could re-sign him... He may also want to look into Jason Terry's avaialability.

Donkeypuncher said...

Sam Cassell and Baron Davis off the bench?

actyper said...

I think he was just embarassed that the Yankees spend more than they do.

D said...

One small correction Jalen Rose is 6 ft 8. Maybe his ginormous salary of 16 million makes him look short. As Detroit Piston fan, I am so glad that Isiah had a falling out with the Pistons owners. We had to settle for Joe Dumars as our player to management convert. Besides the Darko draft, he has faired pretty well as an executive.

Roberto Roundtree Rogelio said...

Apparently, word from "them", around the league people think A.I.'s time in Philly is about the end.

I think the best spot for him to end up would be in Cleveland with LeBron, but you know Isaiah is going to dangle 20M a year in front of him.

Silver said...

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