Monday, February 13, 2006

Like, 4realz, Poker4ever...

I didn't play a ton of poker this weekend, which was kind of nice. Still sort of sulking and grumpy with poker, so it's probably cool we largely kept our distance. The last thing I need is to show up on COPS with a black eye, ranting and raving about how she beat the crap out of me and treated me bad, after all I'd done for her.

I did play a few freerolls/MTTs, mostly at a brand new site that's launched. It's, and it's a new stand-alone site, not a skin, not part of any network. They're offering a decent signup bonus plus some nice money-added tournaments and freerolls this month, for their grand opening promotions.

To get a 40% up to $200 bonus, use bonus code kickered when signing up/depositing. This is a bigger bonus than advertised on their main site, as it comes via their affiliate program, so you have to use the bonus code above, as otherwise you'll get the smaller default bonus listed on the site.

As far as clearing the bonus, you accumulate points towards it based on hands raked $.50 or more, so it's tilted towards people playing slightly higher limits. I'm actually not clearing a bonus there now, so I can't comment on how quickly it clears in general. You can check your bonus status under "My Account" and then "Bonus Details" to see where you're at clearing it.

Here's the text from the site in regards to clearing the bonus:

"Enter the bonus code when you make your first deposit!
Your account will be credited as soon as you have earned
7 x the bonus amount in rake points.

Every time you play real money games at POKER4EVER you earn what are known as rake points. These rake points are required to collect the various bonuses you apply for.

One rake point is awarded each time min. $0.50 is paid in rake. For example, if there is a pot size of $20 at Hold'em Limit $1/$2, the rake is $1 and you earn max. 1 rake point. In tournaments, two rake points per 1 dollar entry fee are also given; for example, for a buy in $25 + $2 fee tournament, four rake points are added.

For our players who prefer lower limit games, e.g. $0.25/$0.50, it is also possible to earn rake points and receive bonuses. For a $0.05 rake you get 0.1 rake point. These fractional point values will be added up and saved for you.

You can view your current earned rake point balance at any time in your player account (My Account >> Details).

From that moment you have 30 days to clear your bonus."

The software is okay as far as gameplay, and so far their support is good, and cashouts usually hit in 12 hours.

The biggest con is that it's pretty low-traffic, as they just opened, so sometimes it's hard to find a game. So read that again, and keep it in mind. Not many tables at all, so don't be disappointed if you sign up and have a hard time finding a game.

The freerolls are pretty nice, though. Each weekend they're running a $5000 added $10 tournament, and last week it only got 300 or so entrants. They're also running a WPT/E-WSOP freeroll on February 19, that's pretty easy to qualify for (get 200 rake points and you're in, and can register for it under "Tournaments" and then under "Freeroll"). Since the site is brand new, the freerolls aren't getting a ton of players in them, so the fields are relatively small. They're also running a $50,000 Grand Opening Freeroll on Feb. 26, which only has 221 ntrants so far.

All in all, it's not a bad site. If you can get over the low-traffic hump, the games are decent enough, and the freerolls/money added tournaments provide a pretty nice overlay.

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Martijn said...

I am a new user of Poker4ever and I like it very much. Friendly lobby and easy to use. And I especially love their tournaments. Recomanded