Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yet Another Gotdamn Poker Forum

Yeah, I know. The last thing the world needs is another damn poker forum. But damnit, that's exactly what it's about to get.

Here's the link, for anyone interested: Yet Another Gotdamn Poker Forum

One thing to keep in mind that it's currently in the beta-ist of beta stages right now. Not much there. At all. So if you pop in and it looks like a ghost town, well, it is a ghost town at the moment, as it just opened for business yesterday.

As far as the ultimate goal, well, there is none. My hope is that it'll be a place for people serious about poker to, umm, discuss poker. Without all of the spam and pissing contests and other crap that populates other forums. I wouldn't call it a "private" forum exactly, but the goal isn't to have 172,182,182 members and to splash affiliate banners everywhere.

How will it be different than other existing poker forums? Umm, well, it really won't, at least in format. The key difference (hopefully), is that it'll be populated by all of you smart, savvy poker players. Which will mean that a lot of valuable discussion will happen, and that discussion will be easily accessible, instead of buried in comments on blog posts, or hidden deep in archives.

My first impulse was to make this much more exclusive, as far as inviting people to participate, and I didn't plan on publicly posting here about it. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought "Screw that". You're all smart, dedicated poker players, who can take part in a forum in an adult fashion. If you're reading poker blogs, odds are very great that you'd have a lot of valuable insight to contribute, or could get something out of even just lurking in a forum. So I'm throwing the door slightly wide open, and welcoming in as many people as possible.

In order to see actual posts, you'll have to register. Sorry about that, but it's one of the first lines of defenses against the spamrific bots out there.

As far as goals and expectations, I don't really have any. If it flies, and it's of value to people, superterrific. If it turns out to be just another forum that slowly dies over time, hey, that's cool, too. I definitely plan on investing a good bit of time (and possibly money) into it, as far as offering some cool prizes and promos and what-not, but I'm also open to the idea of it not panning out as planned.

So pop on over if you're interested. If not, that's cool, too.


Nick Christy said...

Looks like it has the makings of a nice forum. Hopefully it will stay populated with more informed players. I joined and made my first post...

jake said...

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