Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Much Love to All the US Presidents (Yes, Even You, Millard Fillmore)

Not a whole lot to report from the wonderful, fantabulous world of poker. Nice, steady upswing continued yesterday, with nothing really notable. I've been a little more patient with table selection and haven't been playing simply to play, as I was for awhile there on the main site I prop at. Yeah, the prop payment is nice, but it doesn't necessarily follow that I should persist at -EV tables, playing heads-up, etc., just to get hands in.

I've been adding in a bit more of 20/40 and 30/60 full ring, which is suddenly less intimidating after the rollercoaster ride of the last few months at 10/20 6 max. I mean, yeah, obviously the pots are larger but the daily swings don't seem to be quite so dramatic, in either direction. I'm still a bit shocked at times to see myself sitting at a 30/60 table, without my head exploding, as I can still remember sitting at 5/10 being a heart-racing event, what with the large sums of money involved.

Did okay in the Poker4ever freeroll over the weekend, going out 75th or so when my AKs couldn't run down 1010. Also got fairly deep in a $20K guaranteed rebuy tourney at Doyle's, going out 65th, when a smooth-called AK took out my AQ, with an A on the flop. I can't say that I necessarily feel like my MTT game is hitting on all cylinders, but I am pretty happy with my general aggression level, as far as giving myself a chance to win when I play. Far too often in the past I'd play it too safe, wait too long for my spots, only to see my JJ get run down the big stack at the table who called with 94s out of the BB, because my stack was too short to make him fold.

Which is frustrating, indeed, but ultimately my fault, for not being more aggessive earlier and chipping up to a point where he has to fold that junk. There's also no difference in going out in twenty minutes or exiting right before the bubble two hours later. If anything it's +EV to go out sooner, if you're going out with nothing to show for it, as you can devote your time to something else.

Basic plan is to keep on keeping on, poker-wise. I still have a good bit of work to do to get back to the high-water point I hit midway through January.

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Donkeypuncher said...

I celebrated by eating as much as Taft then enjoyed some activities that would have made Kennedy and Clinton proud.