Thursday, February 02, 2006

Swank Variance

Me likee living on the swank side of Variance, even if for just one day. Immaculate lawns, daily trash pickup, and two monkey butlers in every home. Pass the sugar.

Working on some pokery strategy content, but it's not quite there yet. Other than playing tons of poker, not too much going on in the grander scheme of things. ScurvyWife and I are planning on going to Curacao sometime in March/April, as far as a vacation/scouting trip for possible future escapes to the Caribbean. I'm also pretty solidly penciled in for Vegas for June 28-July 2, definitely playing in Event #4 and maybe another, depending on how things roll.

I'm also taking a bronze casting class at the art school ScurvyWife and I have taken classes at before, which is pretty cool. Not really sure what I'll ever do with the knowledge of how to, umm, make bronze stuff, but it's interesting stuff, especially as far as doing basically the exact same thing that people did thousands of years ago when casting bronze.

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Human Head said...

Dammit, I wanna see an ostentatious bronze, welded, Scurvy card protector that would make a complete scene at any tourney :)