Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bonuses Abound: The Gaming Club, Lucky Nugget Poker, and RiverBelle Poker Signup Bonuses

As if any of us poker bonus chasers needed more bonuses to chase after, but...

The Gaming Club (as well as Lucky Nugget Poker and River Belle Poker) have finally changed their largely craptacular signup bonuses into pretty dang good ones.

The key difference is that you no longer have to contribute to a raked pot to accumulate redemption points for the bonus, and instead just need to be dealt cards in a raked hand to earn points. They've also adjusted the points per limit: 25c/50c - 1 point per raked hand, 50c/$1.00 and above - 3 points per raked hand.

They've also upped the maximum you can get in bonus money, from $200 to $300. There's also no set amount you must deposit as you simply redeem the points you earn for bonus money as you go, up to $300 total.

The only real drawback to their bonus system is that you only have 30 days from when you originally deposit to claim as much bonus as you can. So it'd probably be smart to save them until you have a good chunk of time to devote grinding out the hands. As far as I can tell, you can hit all three poker rooms for the same $300 max bonus.

(Edit: I'm hearing conflicting things about whether you can claim the signup bonus on all 3 of the sites listed above. While the terms and conditions of the sites say that you can only claim one bonus from the group, apparently people have successfully claimed bonuses at all three in the past. It's probably worth giving it a shot to see if it works, as they don't require a massive initial deposit to chase the bonus and you'll be able to see fairly quickly if they're giving you a bonus, as you get it in increments and not a lump sum.)

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