Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Mental Health Days Rule

So I called in sick to work today. I ain't sick. Ha.

To be fair, I've called in sick exactly four times in the five years I've been with the company I work for. So I'm due a few sick days. Cough.

I've managed to be fairly productive, including a trip to the post office. Plus I've not only managed to work off the InterPoker monthly bonus hand requirement, but I was dealt pocket Queens seven times in the process. Why do I remark upon that point, you ask? Because they're running a special holiday promo today where if you're dealt pocket Queens you get an extra $10 bonus, regardless of the outcome of the hand. The eternal pessimist in me is always sort of doubtful in regards to promotions like that, imagining some goofy-haired professor type sitting by the InterPoker servers, giggling as he turns a big huge black dial to "No pocket Queens". But I guess I'm, umm, just a pessimist.

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