Thursday, December 09, 2004

Not much to relate on the poker front, as I've been fairly busy the last few days. I finished off the Caribbean Sun monthly bonus, ending up down $75. Gotta love chasing a $50 bonus and ending up in the hole. About halfway done with the BoDog initial signup bonus and doing pretty well overall. I like the site well enough and the bonus clears at a decent clip. I haven't seen the outright fishy play I'd heard about there but it's definitely not a rock garden either.

I managed to catch most of the WPT re-run last night, where Mel Judah bends Paul Phillips over. Even having seen it before, the end of that is hard to watch. I can't say I feel sorry for Paul Phillips (more money than Jebus, beautiful wife, yada yada yada) but he runs into such a perfect storm of cards there at the end that I can't help but feel his pain. I can't even imagine being in that spot, with that much money at stake, and being presented with difficult decision after difficult decision. Granted, he whiffed on nearly all of them and only made it heads-up due to a pretty horrendous suckout against TJ, but still, the card gods were definitely poking him with a sharp stick that night.

Working on an article about investing in poker that I'll hopefully get up today at some point, assuming nothing blows up at work.

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