Friday, December 31, 2004

Monthly Casino Bonuses

Unlike poker bonuses (where poker rooms at least always collect a rake, even when paying out bonuses), casinos don’t offer a ton of good reload or good monthly bonuses, because they cost them money, especially if you’re a smart, savvy player. The initial signup bonuses listed in the strategy guide are all much better, more profitable bonuses, but, sadly, you only get to do them once.

As far as good monthly bonuses, make sure you do the Crypto monthly bonuses at InterCasino, TotalBet, UKBetting, and Will Hill. These are nice, no-risk bonuses that you can quickly knock out, especially since you have PINs for all of them now. If you do these every month (and multi-table in their poker rooms for a few hours for the ones that offer additional poker room bonuses), you can expect to average about $200-$300 a month. Remember, too, that they all let you cashout before you meet the WR, so they truly are risk-free. Some months you’ll make next to nothing from them, other months you’ll hit it big.

(If you’re a US player, you can signup for UKBetting and TotalBet and get the monthly casino bonus, despite their claims otherwise. Signup on the poker side and use that account info to login on the non-download casino side. Deposit money there and you’ll get the monthly bonus match. You can access the non-download casino at the following links: and

  • Will Hill: 100% match up to $40, $800 WR, monthly.

  • InterCasino: 100% match up to $100, $2500 WR, monthly.

  • TotalBet: £25 bonus for £500 WR, monthly.

  • UKBetting: £25 bonus for £500 WR, monthly.

  • Littlewoods: £50 bonus for £1000 WR, monthly

    There’s also another family of casinos that offer decent monthly bonuses of $30/€30. While these aren’t great bonuses, they’re okay, with reasonable WR. Here’s the info for those:

  • Cherry Casino: 30% match up to $30, $750 WR, monthly.

  • Casino Domain: 30% to $30, $750 WR, monthly.

  • Casino Euro: 30% to €30, €750 WR, monthly.

  • If you’ve got a sizable bankroll and an active account at Casino-On-Net, they also offer a good monthly bonus during their monthly 888 bonus day. Check the promotions day at the following link to see what day of the month the 888 day is:

    To get the bonus, deposit at least $888 on the event day and they’ll give you a bonus of $88, which has a WR of $1,760. The expected profit on this bonus is about $80.

    CoN also usually offers a Happy Hour day each month when you can get a 10% bonus, up to $200 on any deposit. The WR is 20x bonus, or $4,000 if you deposit $2,000 and get the full $200 bonus. The expected profit on this bonus is about $180.

    The only drawbacks of these monthly bonuses at CoN is that they take a week to process cashouts and require large deposits, so a good chunk of your bankroll will be tied up. They also tend to frown upon players who only deposit money for promotions like this, and will usually ban you after a few months if all you do is deposit the maximum for bonuses such as these two that are +EV.

    And that’s really about it, as far as good monthly casino bonuses.


    ScurvyDog said...

    I'm not sure that's the correct reading of the T&C at TotalBet and UKbetting for the casino bouses, as far as the additional £1000 in wagering you mention.

    Here's the actual wording:

    "Players must wager an aggregate total of 40 times the bonus in the casino before they can withdraw the free money, e.g. Deposit = £25, Bonus = £25, you must then wager an aggregate total of £1000 in the casino before you can cash out the bonus money and its winnings."

    To me, that pretty clearly says that once you wager an aggregate of £1000 (or 40x bonus), then you can withdraw the bonus. I cleared the UKBetting monthly bonus on January 1 and that was the case, as far as only needing to wager £1000 total before it became withdrawable.

    What information are you basing your conclusion on that you have to wager an additional £1000 on top of the first £1000 for the 40x WR?

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