Sunday, December 12, 2004

That Was a Crazy Weekend of Gambling

So yeah, no Las Vegas but sweet Jebus, the cards are running hot right now. I made out like a bandit on three sticky casino bonuses this weekend and *cough* hit a decent jackpot playing *cough* video slots at StarLuck. I worked off the monthly Crypto bonuses at UKbetting, TotalBet, and PokerPlex, and finished off the Bodog initial signup bonus.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the good mojo will continue, as I have another shot at a freeroll for the World Slots Championship semifinal tonight at StarLuck, where I have to strategically outslot four other monkeys to win a free Caribbean cruise.

Again, many thanks on the assorted feedback I've gotten for the beginner's guide to casino bonuses. I'm expanding it a bit and will soon have sections on bankroll management and assorted number crunching for grinding it out and betting the minimum versus the risk/reward of betting more than the minimum. Just as a general headsup to anyone who hasn't yet done the Reef Club bonus, the scurvy knaves increased the WR on it to 25x. It's still a profitable bonus but keep that in mind. Hope to get the additional stuff up tomorrow as well as some more general tweaks.

Saw the Gourds play at Antone's on Friday, which was cool as hell. I was sort of afraid it'd bring back back ex-girlfriend flashbacks (who literally and figuratively introduced me to the Gourds here in Austin) but nay, no bad flashbacks, only Gourdy goodness.

Chores, food, then some hardcore slots action.

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