Friday, December 03, 2004

To Link or Not to Link

Nothing too exciting in my little gambling world going on the last few days. Still plugging away at a few casino bonuses, still catching pretty poor cards at the poker table. Had a few decent sessions this morning, but yesterday was fairly ugly. I wasn't really playing poorly, just being beaten by flopped set over flopped set, rivered straights, etc.

Clearing the TigerGaming bonus is frustrating me a bit, due to the nature of it. You only accumulate point towards clearing the bonus when you win pots, with the total points based on the size of the pot. Which is fine when you're running hot, obviously, but difficult when you run cold. I'll probably stick with it, as I signed up during the 100% bonus match offer, but part of me is tempted to take my winnings and run, and not deal with the slight frustration.

Trying to stick to my plan to not chase bonuses this month but I don't know if I can do it. The addiction runs very deep, indeed. I'm tempted to sign up at ChecknRaise, as I pre-registered months ago and am eligible for the 60% match, up to $300. Plus I still haven't tried Bodog out, and people claim those waters are pretty fish-infested.

Thanks for the kind words and assorted feedback on the casino bonus guide. It's still a bit of a work in progress, as I have more casinos to add, and some further strategy, etc. I'm working on a more advanced version that deals with trickier bonuses, as well as a general strategy guide for maximizing the value of assorted poker bonuses.

One thing I keep meaning to blog about (and keep forgetting) is the value of hyperlinks in the blog universe. If you'd like to get more search engine traffic to your blog, you basically need two things: 1) lots of text that people are searching for and 2) lots of links pointing to your site.

One cool thing about the poker blog universe is that linking comes natural, to a large extent, as including a blog roll to other poker blogs and sites is a pretty natural by-product. In the end, all those links and cross-links help all the bloggers out, as far as people finding their sites in search results. So, if ever in doubt, throw up links to other poker blogs, as it gives everyone a boost, even if you don't have a ton of traffic on your site. The real value isn't in the link off to the side that no one clicks on, but in the link itself.

I try to add reciprocal links to all the active sites linking to this blog, but if I ever forget or miss someone just holler at me, and I'll link ye up.

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