Wednesday, December 08, 2004

When Good Cards Go Bad

Yesterday was a train wreck, poker-wise. I suppose it's good that my skin has toughened to the point where -75 BB days don't phase me all that much but it's still not much fun. The truly sad part of it is that it could have been very profitable day, given the tables I landed at. The maniacs were out in full force at Aspinalls and Caribbean Sun. Capping preflop with K4s. Raising scary boards with J high. Calling a $40 bet pre-flop with 78s. At Aspinalls all three times I had AA I got someone all-in preflop, and all three times my aces got cracked, by 78s, JJ, and 77. Sweeeeeet...

But yeah, cry me a river. It happens. Suck it up and move on.

The slightly jealous, slightly selfish part of me wishes I could make it to Vegas for the blogger get-together, but the practical, just-married, wife-laden, still-paying-off-wedding-debt part of me is still pretty firmly in charge. I don't miss too much about the swinging single life, given that I didn't do much swinging, but I do struggle still with the idea that I can't, at any given moment, pick up and fly to (insert name of some cool place such as Vegas) on the spur of the moment.

I'd like to make it to Tunica in January but that's pretty up in the air. I may try to find a site offering online qualifiers and give that a shot, as that's likely the only way I could swing it. It'd be cool just to get to see a big honking professional tournament live, much less play in one. We shall see.

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