Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Stupid Work

This is going to be a quicky, bulletedy-point update, due to being snowed under at work, but here goes:

  • I updated the Getting Started with Casino Bonuses missive, adding GoldenStars, Nostalgia, and Phoenician casinos to the hitlist. I also fleshed out some of the strategy a bit and added a general wrap-up of dos and don'ts.

  • I'm in the process of launching a site dedicated to poker essays and fiction at Kickered.com and I need your help. Specifically, I need your poker fiction and essays. It's going to be a no-frills site, no banners, no affiliate junk, just a clean, sleek place to read, yep, you guessed it, poker fiction and essays. Poker fiction should be pretty self-explanatory, as far as what that is. As far as what I mean by "essays", the only thing I'm not after are strategy-oriented materials. I'm looking for more general essays about poker, poker and life, poker and death, etc. A great example is Otis' very fine post "Real Life" at Up for Poker.

    I'm in the process of soliciting work from assorted online places, but feel free to shoot me anything you have at scurvydog@tptk.com. I've got no real requirements as far as length and previously published material is fine. You'd retain all rights, could remove it at any time, all that jazz. I'm not a heavy-handed editor, don't plan on doing much editing at all, so no fear of a hatchet job or an unreasonable editor. Holler at me if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, etc.

  • Many thanks to the fine folks at Las Vegas and Poker Blog for the links in the last few weeks. If you're not regularly reading this blog, there's something wrong with you. Tournament reports, reviews, tips, plus much, much more, as well as snazzy photos of many poker pros (including one today of the lovely Evelyn Ng.)
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