Wednesday, December 01, 2004


(Quick bonus note: for anyone that plays at InterPoker, deposit at least $100 this month, as they increased the monthly bonus to a $100 match for december only. If you play at Caribbean Sun and are used to also getting the casino bonus match on your deposit, they've cancelled that bonus. The poker bonus is still the same but the casino match bonus is gone.)

Okay, poker gods, okay, I get it. No posting about great monthly results. Got it. Please stop beating me over the head.

Yesterday was not a good poker day. A run of bad beats got me a bit tilty and it just didn't get any better. I managed to repair a bit of the damage playing NL at TigerGaming but still ended the night down a bit, steaming a bit.

Discipline is a strange beast sometimes. Or I suppose, more accurately, the lack of discipline rears its ugly head in many ways. My game itself doesn't really change when I get tilty but I find myself stepping up into games where I'm not completely comfortable, playing 2/4 or 3/6 NL instead of .50/1 or 1/2. Sitting at a 10/20 limit table. Playing a $100 SnG. It's not the worst tilt in the world, as I still play relatively solidly, but I also inevitably play a bit scared. Which is likely just as bad (or worse), as sometimes tilty aggression gets lucky and pays off, whereas timidly folding will never win a pot.

So yeah. Bah.

On the bright side, casino bonuses were good to me. It's oddly therapeutic to just play some mindless blackjack after a poker mauling, especially when working on clearing bonuses where I'm substantially ahead. The wife thinks I'm a complete degenerate gambler now, playing both poker and blackjack, but I showed her my Neteller balance and her opinion improved a bit.

I also won a video slots satellite qualifier at StarLuck for their $100,000 World Slots Championship. I got a $50 freeroll entry when I created an account there and had played a few of the qualifier slots tournaments, never winning but finishing high enough to win another freeroll. Last night I hit a big jackpot with two minutes to go in the qualifier which put me way ahead, cruising into the finish in first place. The prize was a $500 entry into a semi-final qualifier, which is limited to 5 players, with the top prize being a $4,000 cruise package and entry into the $100,000 World Slots Championship. Umm, okay, cool. Not like I can take credit for skill at playing slots, but that's not horrible odds, 1/5, for a shot at winning a cruise, especially considering the whole thing has been a freeroll for me. I'd prolly just take the $500 instead of the semi-final entry, if that was an option, but it ain't, so, you know, let's go slots.

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