Sunday, January 08, 2006

Holy Freaking Crizzap

I should never make a sports bet again after this week.

West Virginia vs Villanova +600
Stake: $400.00
Result: +$2,400.00

As way of slight explanation, I'd nearly forgotten about the $100 futures bet I had on Texas to win the national championship with a sportsbook I signed up with months ago. If you deposited a certain amount in addition to the signup bonus you also got a free $100 futures bet on the NCAA football champ. I did what any reasonable person would do, and put it on Texas.

That futures bet paid off a little over $800, so I basically had a $800 freeroll in my account. You know, not really, as I can just withdraw it, but sort of a psychological freeroll, as I wasn't counting on or accounting for the money at all. I told myself I'd be good and withdraw half of it and leave the other half for silly sportbets. The crazy thing is that while I've been doing tons of arbitrage betting with sportsbooks, I hardly every actually wager on sports in the traditional sense, and when I do it's usually $20 here and there, blow some money on horses during the Triple Crown races, and things like that.

But I was looking for lines to arb this morning and kept thinking Jebus, that WV/Nova line looks crazy, as WV was +600, and I've actually seen them play twice this year, and they were pretty consistently tough, and picked by many as a possible Final 4 team, yada yada yada. Just seemed like a lot of value on the WV side of it, if you're looking for a longshot and have some money to fling around.

So I put $100 on it originally. And kept watching it, and thinking, hmm, if I'm going to go nuts, I might as well really go nuts. So I put another $100 on it. And then I'm finally like hell, let's just get all this stupid betting out of the way, and I can lose my $400 in mad money and go back to being Grindy McGee.

So I put the entire $400 on WV. They were down 9 at half and I was feeling like a schmuck but they managed to pull it out in the end, even with Nova knocking down al sorts of 3s.


And now I should be a good monkey and withdraw it all and bank it. And not, you know, go sit with it at 50/100 or something like that. Nope. Definitely not.

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CC said...

Well, at least your thinking rationally about what to do with the free money. 50/100 or grab it--just don't stay with the sports betting! That's a fool-proof way to see it evaporate three-fold.