Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wow, Part II

I'm still in a slight state of shock that we actually won that game last night. I mean, no, wait, go Horns, I knew you had it the whole damn time.

I honestly don't think I've ever watched a sporting event that intensely, as far as being invested in every single play. It didn't hurt that a Texas win would net me +$825 from a futures bet I made on them to win the national championship before the season started, either.

Vince, you are the man. I mean, we all knew that, you knew that, but still. Thank you for proving the idiocy of the Heisman voting, once again. I hope you have a long, fruitful career with the Houston Texans and rescue them from continued sucking.

David Thomas, you are also the man. That 4 yard catch to convert on third down where you slipped, nearly went down, then completely laid out to snare a bullet from VY was a thing of beauty. Not to mention bulling your way to another couple of first downs, and in general settling everyone down in the first quarter when we were slightly freaking out.

Mack Brown, you're the man for not going bonkers and calmly kicking one-point conversions after TDs and not going for two, after we missed that early PAT. That extra three or four points in the bank looked pretty nice on the scoreboard in the end.

Pete Carroll, you're sort of the man. Very gracious, indeed, and going for it on 4th down at the end took balls, but burning all your timeouts in the second half was horrible, especially when you used you last one on defense facing the 2 point conversion attempt. Terrible. VY was just going to jam it in anyway, and even if you just give them 2 you're still only down by 3, with a timeout to possibly stop the clock and go for a field goal. Why you stayed in zone defense for 95% of the game, I do not know. If you're going to get run over anyway (and you were) at least send some people flying at VY.

LenDale White, you're the man. Call me crazy, but I think you'll have a better NFL career than Dave Meggett, err, Reggie Bush.

Reggie, you're still the man, but I think this game was a good preview of what the NFL will be like. Thanks for the lateral, too, when you were just about to stick a dagger in our heart.

Dwayne Jarrett, you're the man. You kept killing us, consistently, the whole damn game, with big catch after big catch.

Officiating crew, you are most definitely not the men. I don't even mind that you missed the VY knee being down call, as that was a bang-bang play (but yeah, he was definitely down), but I've never seen such an indecisive crew, in such a big game. So many plays you were just awkwardly standing there afterwards, looking around for help, afraid to call it one way or the other. Both of those spots were horrible on USC's 4th down attempts, especially the last one, when you overruled the spot of the one official who had a clear view of the play, handing USC an extra half yard. The USC offensive line obviously deserves mad props, but it also helps when you can't find a single holding call, the entire game, despite Texas sending the defensive house at them many, many times.


jremotigue said...

Very well done with the futures bet.

Meek said...

"I honestly don't think I've ever watched a sporting event that intensely, as far as being invested in every single play."

That's how it was for me with Ohio State in '02. Feels good, don't it?

mookie99 said...

Another Horns fan thats blogs ! Awesome...are you in Austin ?

ScurvyDog said...


Yep, live in north Austin.

mookie99 said...

Cool, I live in Leander/CP area. You play poker with any other bloggers in the area ?