Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Save Me, Wee Baby Jebus

Sweet merciful Jebus I'm bored. I work in a department of 80 or so people and there have been maybe 10 of us here each day this week. With absolutely nothing to do. Other than sit here and cry about the fact that we have the wee, low corral-type cube walls that enable anyone to see what you're doing on your monitor at any given time, like, umm, playing poker or blackjack.

The wife and I went out last night, sort of on the spur of the moment, grabbing a decent steak and seeing Life Aquatic. I'm not sure I'd say that it's my favorite Wes Anderson movie (Rushmore probably is) or even his funniest movie (Bottle Rocket) but man, seeing that movie really, really makes me want to get off my ass and do something creative. I really enjoy his movies as they somehow seem to suggest a much larger, simpler, interesting world, just lurking around the corner, but doing so in such a simple, understated, almost cartoonish (in the best sense) way.

What else, what else. I guess I'll do the obligatory setting-of-goals-for-2005 thing. 2005? Really? But it was 2000 just like, umm, a couple of years ago, right? We're almost halfway to 2010? Really?

  • Write more. And no, not about poker. I got the damn MFA in Creative Writing. I write well. I need to get off my ass and do something about it. I'm willing to spend ginormous amounts of times each week working on poker and side business stuff, yet I'm not willing/able to make myself write for even just 5 hours a week. This is bad and needs changing.

  • Keep the current mix of poker/gambling time steady. While my wife probably doesn't agree, I think the current 10-15 hours a week I spend playing poker/blackjack is about right.

  • Be more active about exploring job options. I have a pretty cushy, mindless, decent-paying job in the corporate world right now. Except I have essentially no hopes of further advancement, nor will what I do day-to-day likely every significantly change. It's not the worst job in the world and I'm largely left alone. It won't kill me to stay here for a few more years. But I don't need to just sit here, bored, and instead need to be more actively exploring escape routes and options.

  • Related to the above, I need to keep plugging away with my affiliate marketing side business. I've built it up to the point where it's fairly well diversified and a decent little stream of money each month. That's good, but I have to keep at it. Lately I've been slacking here and not replenishing or expanding the pool of affiliate sites and pages I have, so some are inevitably decaying and falling by the wayside.

  • I need to focus more time and energy (hopefully at work) on currency trading. I cautiously dipped my toes into those waters in the last few months and am doing okay. It's a lot like poker, really, as far as generating nice supplemental income if you're disciplined, informed, have well-defined goals, and stick to your guns. It also takes advantage of the fact that my day job requires sitting in front of a computer constantly monitoring business events and news around the world.

  • Wipe out my remaining student loan debt. It's under $8,000 now and there's no reason to keep paying the bloodsuckers any more interest, even if it isn't much interest.

  • As far as poker/gambling, I'm shooting for an overall profit of $20,000. I think that's a pretty conservative goal, though, that I can beat pretty easily. I still plan on chasing plenty of bonuses at lower limits, but I also want to regularly start sitting at least one higher limit table every week.

  • Play more B&M poker. It's fun. I hardly ever get a chance, though, due to geography. I'd like to take at least two weekend trips to Louisiana as well as two weekend trips to Vegas during the year.
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    Felicia :) said...

    I agree with the student loan thing. I'm down to about $1000, and since I've been paying ~$500 per month, I should have it gone in no time.

    Glenn thinks the interest is so low that investments earn more, but I disagree, the market is so iffy right now, and we end up taking losses plenty of months! I saw wipe it out, one less bill!