Monday, March 27, 2006

Betfred Signup Poker Bonus

Just a quick public service announcement about the current juicy 100% up to $250 signup bonus for Betfred Poker. They're apparently about to change this one to make it more difficult to clear, so if you've been putting it on the back-burner, it might behoove you to go ahead and deposit and start on it. According to customer service, as long as you deposit while the old, juicy terms are in effect, you'll keep those terms, even if they change the bonus in the future.

The Betfred bonus is 10x, so you'll need 2500 raked hands to get the full $250 bonus. Aye, that's a bunch of hands, but they're on the iPoker network, which shares the same players as Titan, Noble, and other sites chock full of incredibly soft games. So if you're killing the tables at Titan and have already cleared their signup bonus, hop over to Betfred and continue to kill the games, but with a better bonus.

You have as much time as you like to clear the bonus, which is released at the end of the raked hands required. You have to contact support to see how many raked hands you have, and then contact support again to get the bonus awarded when you get your hands in. Slightly annoying, but they actually have really responsive support, and they process cashouts in an hour or two. Traffic can be kind of sparse at times, too, so be forewarned. It's basically just like Titan and Noble, if you've played there.

Here's their raked hand definition:

"Please note: Only raked hands played at blinds of $0.25/$0.50 and above for pot limit / no limit, or stakes of $0.50/$1 or above for fixed limit will count towards your wagering requirements. A raked hand is where you are dealt cards in a real money cash game and the pot reaches a sufficient amount to be raked (see our rake structure here). You do not necessarily have to put any money in the pot for the hand to contribute towards your raked hand count. Tournament hands are not raked so only cash game play counts towards wagering requirements."

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