Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Kingdom for a Coinflip

Hit one of those frustrating SnG patches last night where I couldn't, for the life of me, win a coin flip when I really needed it. I'm bubbling a little too often for comfort in these of late, which I guess is a bit of a glass half full/empty situation. I end up pressing pretty hard when it's four/five handed and people get conservative, so I usually end up bubbling or finishing 1st or 2nd. Which is great when you're winning your coinflips but less fun when you're on the outside, looking in.

I probably need to be a little more conservative when it's four handed, I have a decent stack, and there's an obvious shortie, especially when I have mid pairs like 66-99. I've been pushing with hands like that and/or coming over the top of min-raises with them, but that's typically a spot where I either pick up the blinds (nice but not crucial) or if called I'm at best a coinflip against two overcards, and often dominated.

I also need to be better about soliciting action from big hands when it gets down to four or five handed. Limping and min-raising makes the wee baby Jebus cry but there's less downside when it's not a full field, and I imagine the value of a double up is much greater in that spot when you're near the bubble.

Still having fun, though, which is nice.

ScurvyWife and I are now the proud owners of a nice Miller MIG welder, which we picked up on the cheap at an auction. Which will likely please the neighbors to no end, as they already think I'm crazy as it is when I'm out annealing copper with a propane torch in the driveway. I think the first welding project should be a FrankenRobot with huge, gripping hands that comes lumbering out, intoning" "Must. Crush. Mouth-Breathing. Neighbors. Who. Stand. And. Stare. At. The. Slightest. Unusual. Thing."

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Pokerwolf said...

Come on, BSN! It's a bot! Teach it poker!