Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My God I've Become a Boring Poker Bastard

(Let's just pretend that I was previously a non-boring poker bastard, which is an arguable point.)

Still very much in the throes of poker rut, as far as blogging. And we're talking the bad sort of rut. Not the Girls Gone Wild sort of rutting.

I'm enjoying the SnG experiment, so poker and I are currently getting along, as far as playing. Blogging about poker, though, is apparently regressing to bad beat stories and much whining, with little added practical value.

I've got three quasi-strategy draft posts just sitting in Blogger, that I can't pull the trigger on. Two on shorthanded play, before I aborted that mission, and one on heads-up play in the blinds. They're not bad. I should publish them. But I probably won't.

Confidence is a weird thing. It's very easy to opine about all sorts of things, when running well, yet nearly impossible (for me at least) to do so when not running so well. Even if it's perfectly valid advice it seems backward to post about how I'd play a certain hand or situation in a ring game, when I've at least temporarily sworn off ring games, due to frustration and/or running poorly and playing badly.

Which doesn't leave a whole lot of use to transmit here, other than tales from HyperMegaGlobalCorp, pictures of rats, and my adventures with banging on copper and pouring bronze.

On the bright side, it's likely fairly temporary. I can't see myself giving up poker nor can I see myself playing 182,182 SnGs/day on a regular basis, as far as getting my poker fix. I'll eventually make my way back to the limit HE ring games, and will eventually have something marginally useful to say, concerning the games.

So, you know, sorry. I realize it's dumb to apologize for content (or lack thereof) on your own damn blog, but there you go.

Until then, I'll at least try to be a bit more amusing with my non-poker drivel. We'll see how that goes.

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