Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stupid Cards

So yesterday I woke up at dawn, prepped the sled dogs for the arduous trek down south to Adam's for the Austin WPBT event, laid in some caribou rations, and was off.

I wish I had exciting poker tales, but nay, pretty boring day, as far as my own play. I basically folded my way to 10th or 11th, seeing nothing bigger than JJ all day. I picked up some chips early when I make a lemur call with K10h pre-flop and flopped trip 10s, but couldn't get much going otherwise. I let myself get too short towards the end, not wanting to look stupid attempting to steal with any of the premium 52o, 63o, 42o hands I was getting dealt, but that's doubly stupid, in the end, as I knew I had to make a move plus I'd likely built up quite a tight image due to my arm about to fall off from turbo-mucking for a few hours. Yet nay, no moves were made, and I end up lumping it all in with AJo and can't beat Adam's set of 7s.

I'm still largely amused by my almost complete and utter lack of live game experience, despite playing a ginormous amount of poker online. I don't play much differently early but I do get too tight later on, unwilling to look like a dumbass making moves that I know need to be made, that get made in a heartbeat online.

I also managed to pretty seriously fuck up a hand I was dealing, possibly saving Eva some chips. There were three players in, smallish pot, and a flop of something like A A Q (not sure if it was a Q or not, but something similar). The blinds check and I thought I saw UTG check, the SB turns to me, expectantly looking for the turn card, and I burn and turn another A, just as UTG says "All-in".

Doh. There was discussion about how to fix my fuck-up, then some folds based on the all-in, then UTG flashed the case A. Eva was rightfully perturbed before he flashed the A, making me wonder if she had a Q.

But it was still a good time, all in all, and I talked to Scott and Mourn a bit before re-hitching up the sled dogs and mushing it back home.

Capped off the evening by rooting silently for Speaker in the Stars WSOP satellite, which didn't end well, but not due to any fault of his. Stupid poker.

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