Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Still churning through many, many SnGs. Pretty solidly in the black results-wise but the hourly earn so far is leaving a little to be desired. I'm still just playing sets of 4 at one time, but I may bump that up to 8 and see if I can swing that. My initial concern was that I'd be giving up too much read-wise from playing that many at a time, but there have honestly been pretty few situations of late where a read has influenced by previous opponent play in that SnG, one way or another.

In my babbling about my poor play I forgot to congratulate Gracie on winning the whole damn thing, and Mark for his 2nd place finish. Hopefully we'll send lots more folks to WSOP events and someone or other will eventually end up with some jingly-jangly bling-bling of the bracelet variety on their wrist at some point.

One nice thing about having your NCAA brackets demolished early is that you can root for upsets with complete abandon. Which is what I was reduced to, oh, by last Saturday or so. Go Bradley! Go George Mason! Go Anyone Other Than Duke!

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