Friday, March 31, 2006

Vegas, Baby

So I went ahead and booked the Vegas trip in June, as Yahoo was running some sort of travel special the last few days that kicked out pretty decent deals. I also did the girlie thing and backed out of my original plans to go solo, so now ScurvyWife is coming along. We'll be rocking it at the Venetian from June 28-July 2. I've never stayed there so I'm jazzed about that, plus the new poker room looks pretty kick ass.

Part of me had looked forward to going alone, playing an a few WSOP events, doing the full bore degenerate thing, but the more I thought about the less appealing that seemed. Well, appealing isn't the right word, as it's definitely appealing, but it seemed kind of karmically bankrupt, as ScurvyWife loves Vegas and was only going to skip this trip so that I could concentrate on playing. Which makes sense, but ultimately seemed kind of unfair, especially given the cash I'd drop on entries into events. Plus, you know, I like having her around and all that mushy junk.

So yeah. Sand in my vagina. Can't go to Vegas without my wifey. Whatever.

Degenerate challenge had a bit of a setback yesterday, bleeding back $250 or so. I'd regale you with some painful beats but you've heard the story. The only downside to playing at the B2B sites is that the maniac factor is amped up at times, playing some of those crazy aggressive Scandi types. Getting all of your money in with by far the best of it isn't something to complain about, but there's going to be those nights where all you have to show for it is an icepack clutched to your junk.

This is a bit of a tangent, but I'm going to make a real effort in the future of commenting more on assorted blogs. I'm one of those people that sits at work, bored out of my skull, with hundreds and hundreds of blogs in Bloglines, checking and desperately praying every fifteen minutes that someone has posted something new. If you have a blog, odds are I read it, constantly. But I almost never comment, anywhere. Which is dumb, lazy, and ungrateful behavior. I still remember the thrill of getting my first comments here, and definitely appreciate and value a lot of the comments and advice I've gotten. So yeah. More commenting.

We had our Fantasy Baseball draft last night for the league the Puncher of Donkeys set up, and I feel decent enough about my team. Tried the infield first strategy this time around, as in the past I'd always end up with some random guys at 2B and SS, batting a collective .216 with 2 HRs and 7 RBIs. I'm likely doomed to the middle of the pack as I don't have a lot of upside with most of my players but we shall see.

Not much else shaking in my little world. Planning on banging out many hands this weekend, plus hopefully knock out a lot of freelance work.


CC said...

You'll like the Venetian. There are some good restaurants in their mall area (one great Italian place that escapes me). There are very weird carnival-type acts, opera singers, and the Italian/Parisian white-plastered statue people that are fairly creepy. Great rooms and bathrooms, including soap and stuff. In the Bellagio tier or better as far as the rooms themselves.

Guin said...

Hope you can add me to your list of bloggers to read... not that I have anything new to add but could use some advice when I get bent out of shape for not winning 15+ ptbb/ 100!

Jordan said...

Hey Scurv. I'm with you on the comments thing. I love getting them and I try to give them (see: this comment) when I have something relevant to say. I figure that it helps me to have comments because it makes me think a bit more AND interact with readers. Plus, I'm an opinionated SOB.

Can't blame you on bringing the wife. I was planning an AC trip and had to decide what to do with the wife. On one hand, its nice to have someone to comfort you or celebrate with. On the other hand, my degeneracy stares me right in the face when I say, "See ya honey! I need to do some serious gambling now!" My solution: I set the trip for when the wife is on a business trip...but agreed to go again in the summer.