Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wokka Wokka

(Can you tell that someone just saw the original Muppet Movie again recently, for the first time in twentysomeodd years?)

Despite all my wokka wokkaing, I do have a plan. Sort of.

I'm still going to take a few weeks off from the online poker. Just to do it, more than anything. I don't expect it to produce any grand epiphany or realization. I pretty much know why I'm not having fun of late playing poker and why I'm playing poorly. Mainly I'm taking time off to see if there's any residual spark, at the end of that time, as far as wanting to sit back down, enjoying sitting back down, and all that jazz.

I'm probably not going to play as high as I have been when I start playing again, as far as ring games, and I'll probably play more SnGs. Maybe all SnGs. Yeah, I know, they're higher variance and just as potentially frustrating in their own way, but I've always liked playing them. They're also fairly easy to schedule and, more importantly, I feel no sense of entitlement and/or expectations, sitting down to play. I have much to learn when it comes to SnG play.

As far as pokery stuff that doesn't involve actually playing, I'm going to start regularly posting interesting hands I've found or played here, hopefully on a daily basis. I always get a lot out of those discussions and the blog format is perfect for that. Yeah, it's kind of a pain finding unique hands to illustrate certain concepts, but Jebus knows I have plenty of time on my hands, sitting at the day job.

It'll also get me back into the groove of posting useful content here, instead of just babbling about my results and frustrations. I've been slipping in that regard of late and there's not much excuse for it.

Other than that, it's probably time to re-read all the damn poker books I have sitting around, gathering dust. Another habit that I've gotten out of lately that can't be good.

Still on for playing Event #4 at the WSOP this year, staying June 28th-July 2, and need to motivate and go ahead and book a room/flight. Based on a quick check with Expedia yesterday, I'm halfway tempted to stay at the Sahara, as I kind of like the old-school decrepitude and the price is definitely right. But I may "upgrade" to the Excalibur, because man, I'm crazy like that sometimes.


Heavy Critters said...

Do not, repeat, DO NOT stay at Excalibur. I stayed there a couple of months ago and it's Motel 6 meets Medieval Times meets the Bates Motel. It's a D-U-M-P.

Next time I'm in Vegas, it's the Golden Nugget, yo. Gotta love teh ld skool. If you have to stay on the strip, check out the Luxor. Nice rooms, great service, decent casino, good price.

(steps down from soapbox)


kurokitty said...

If you stay at Sahara, you should call poker room manager Fred Masters and arrange for a poker room rate. It's 3 hours a day but they don't have a tracking system and so it's just honor system. As in poker players never lie. Good luck!