Thursday, March 23, 2006

One for Us Sad Sack Losers

Hey, we may not be rubbing elbows with silicone at the Grotto but at least we can take comfort in the fact that we play blackjack better than Daniel Negreanu:

"I really didn't feel like going home yet, so I decided to let off some steam by going into the pit. I can't remember the last time I played blackjack. Even when I did it for fun, I never bet more that $100 a hand.

I just "felt like it" so I walked over there with $20,000. I started out by betting two hands, $1000 on each. That soon became $2000 on two hands, which became $2000 on three hands, then four hands, until I had the hole board covered, betting a total of $12,000 a deal on six hands.

I was up as much as $120,000. That's when I decided to push a little more, betting $3000 a hand on six spots. I lost a couple in a row, and ended up quitting after winning $80,000.

Don't worry people,. I have no illusions that I know what I'm doing! In fact, I made so many rookie mistakes it was unreal! I kept doubling down with 10 against a face card. I split 6-6 against a face card, lol. I wasn't hitting 12 against a 2. I mean you name it, and I broke every "rule." Hey, what do they know :-)"

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kurokitty said...

Did you tell him that the Bellagio does not have sticky bonuses? LOL