Sunday, March 12, 2006


I kind of like life on the happy side of variance. Somehow I doubt I'll continue to run at +300% ROI in the $55 Turbo SnGs but it's nice while it lasts.

I also qualified for the $1 Million Guaranteed yesterday in a $10 rebuy satellite. Doubled up on the first hand before I remembered to rebuy, didn't take the add on as I was 3rd in chips at the break, tripled up not long after the break and basically just folded my way to a seat from there. So let's cross the fingers and hope my luckbox streak continues for awhile, at least through today.

I'm liking the SnG regimen so far as it seems more conducive towards balancing poker and, you know, life. There's really no difference between running a set of 4 turbo SnGs and playing a shortish ring game session, as far as time invested, but for whatever reason its easier for me to play a set of SnGs, go be productive, come back, play another set, rinse, lather, and repeat. It's also easier to just let the results go, when they're done, instead of getting stuck and grinding, trying to get even, and suddenly getting sucked into a 2-3 hour largely fruitless, frustrating limit session.

But yeah, fully aware of the fact that everything is happy and shiny while running goot. Let's see what tune I sing when I run poorly over 50 or so SnGs, instead of running well.

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Anonymous said...

Um, you don't want to play the turboes.

(I don't need any more competition - go away! ;-) )