Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bless You, Gods of Football

I've been trying to not get too excited about Longhorn football this year (unproven teenage QB, tough early game vs. Ohio State, we got our championship last year, yada yada yada) but I have to say they looked pretty damn good yesterday. Yes, indeed, it was versus North Texas, but Colt looked pretty damn comfortable, much to the relief of Longhorn fans everywhere.

I don't know why I get such pleasure at seeing CU suffer woe after woe, but for whatever reason I giggle when things go wrong for them. Nice work, Buffaloes, in losing to Division I-AA Montana State in your opener. You guys have really got that listing, sordid ship turned around up there.

I've actually played a good bit of teh poker the last few days, throwing some bucks into PokerStars to play satellites into some WCOOP events. 0-4 so far in satellite endeavors, but I've been running pretty well at the $10/20 HORSE tables. I can't say the games are as generally off-the-hook as some reports suggest, but they're pretty juicy all the same. I don't think your average online poker monkey is patient enough to play mixed games well, even if they're otherwise a solid player. Far too often in those games people seem to fall back on amped up aggression, which actually isn't the worst way to play, but fairly exploitable in the RSE portion of the HORSE rotation. The games are kind of swingy, though, and obviously pretty frustrating at times, due to the nature of them wacky mixed games that involve seven cards.

Been slacking a bit on housely work, but we were due for a little slacking, as the last few weeks have been pretty crazy. We unpacked a few more boxes yesterday, wandered around bustling, booming downtown Lockhart, watched some TV, etc. I did manage to get around to getting the wireless router set up and hooked up the other desktops, which was a bit of a pain in the ass. Hooked up everything, in exactly the same configuration that it had been before the move, with the same equipment, but nada, none of the machines could acquire a network address, no IP assigned, etc. I stare at everything and deduce that, indeed, things are correctly hooked up. Reset the router and cable modem and monkey with the router configuration. Still no workee. Drag out the old router, hook everything up, still no workee.

As a last resort I power everything down, unplug everything, plug everything back in, and power back up. Boom, it works. My tricknological skillz are mad.

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WillWonka said...

Are you getting sick of these casino/bingo/etc adds popping up. I know I am. Someone has way too much free time.

Anyway, I'm withholding judgment on our Horns until next week because as you say... it was just the Mean Green. I thought the 2nd string QB had more juice on his passes. We shall see.