Monday, September 11, 2006

How Can it Possibly Be Monday Again Already?

Fairly frustrating weekend, all in all. I was due for a home renovation project to completely and utterly go to hell, as it'd been awhile, and that was pretty much this weekend in a nutshell. Sending many gallons of water flooding into the bathroom was the coup de grace, but I also managed many other small feats of incompetence, including knokcing over a half full can of paint in the garage and then walking through it (and halfway outside) before I even realized something was amiss. And I've still got miles and miles to go before I sleep on the damn project, too.

On the brighter side of things, I'll get it done, eventually, and can chalk it up into the useful experience category, even saving a little money after accounting for the plumber's blood monies. There's definitely something to be said, though, for remembering that just because I can do something myself, it might not be the most +EV endeavor. My time has got to be worth more than $3/hour or whatever it's currently working out to, especially when I'm itching to get to work on the new house.

Man, Trent Green got laid out on that hit. The Cowgirls most definitely need to get Bledsoe out of there. See what Romo can do, as you're going nowhere with Bledsoe in there this year. I need the 'Skins and the Super Chargers to come through and I'll be sitting pretty in all my assorted pools.

Yes, indeed, I am blatantly ignoring the abortion of a game that was OSU-Texas. I don't mind our offense sturggling but Jebus, the defense got absolutely picked apart. If we're going to give receivers a ten yard cushion on every play even Texas Tech is going to thump us this year.

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DuggleBogey said...

"You" deserved to lose against my Alma Mater, UAB. I think the writing was on the wall last week....