Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ride Them Steelers

Online sportsbooks seem to be doing their best to turn the entire sportsbetting world into big, big Steelers fans.

While it's not as juicy as the Mansion promo, BetWWTS is offering a free $100 bet on the Steelers' Monday night game. Here are the details from the site:

"Free $100 Bet - No strings attached

Congratulations – you are about to make a no-lose bet.

Simply bet $100 on the Pittsburgh Steelers at -1½ against Jacksonville this Monday.

If the Steelers win we’ll pay you out. If the Steelers don’t cover we’ll refund your $100 bet right back into your account. No rollovers, no questions asked and you can withdraw your money immediately.

*Terms and conditions apply… further details coming soon."

Now, yes, indeed, that last sentence makes one wonder, as far as exact terms and conditions, so you might keep an eye on this one if you are of the wary type. But "No rollovers, no questions asked and you can withdraw your money immediately." is pretty clear, and BetWWTS is one of the most reputable books out there, so odds are very great that the offer is legit and exactly what it appears to be.

BetWWTS is currently running a 20% up to $200 signup bonus, and they'll also throw in a free $20 futures bet on the 2007 NFL Super Bowl winner when you sign up. BetWWTS offers pretty nice lines and it's pretty easy to find offsetting lines at other books to work off the bonus, as outlined here.

Bonuses like these (deposit $1,000, get a $200 bonus) are good ones to start with, as it's a decent bonus and is relatively easy to bust out, as you can simply bet $1,200 on one game, bet the other side at a book like Pinnacle, and often bust out the BetWWTS account in one bet, pocketing the bonus money on going on your merry way. Once you clear a decent number of those you can work your way up to some of the bigger bonuses such as the deposit $5,000, get a $1,000 bonus ones offered at CRIS, DSI, YouWager, etc.

Edit: They tweaked the terms on the BetWWTS deal to just apply to bets made on the game by new signups (and capped the new signups elgibile at 1000 total), instead of it being open to everyone.


Sean said...

Things changed bit -- in a good way. I guess the bet is only for new signups but it will apply to any MNF game, at least that what it looks like.

jremotigue said...

Can you get a referral bonus if I sign up for betwwts? if so, drop me a note with whatever info i'll need.

Will Palango said...

go steelers!

ScurvyDog said...


Just clicking on the link I provided should be enough for you to show up under my affiliate account.

Although it's a bit of a moot point, as with the sportsbooks I only see any affiliate dollars if people who sign up under me actually lose money at the site, so promotions like this one are usually a wash for me, as all you kids either break even or win money.

ScurvyDog said...

Roberto Roundtree Rogelio,

The bonus is added immediately to your account, so the $1,200 you're betting already includes the $200 bonus (deposit $1,000, get a $200 bonus).

So you bet all that on one game and lose. Your balance in that account is now $0. You're done. No WR to clear to get a bonus because you already got it. No WR to worry about clearing to make a withdrawal because your balance is $0 and there's nothing to withdraw.

The balance of your account at the other book is now about $1,200 higher than it was before. So basically the bonus from the first book just migrated over there. If you deposited for a bonus there, too, then you might have some more wagering to do. The nice thing about this is that you can then repeat the whole process, deposit at a third book for a bonus, and then wager your balance there against what you have in the second book. So you're either always trying to bust out an account or clearing the WR at the account where the money has flowed into.