Friday, September 29, 2006

Wait, Why Do I Have Four Cards?

The good news is that I made it to the second break in WCOOP #15. The bad news is that I've got less than half an average stack, so something good needs to happen quick. Given that I've won exactly three pots the entire tournament, I guess I should be happy to have a stack at all after the second break.

Edit: Hmm. Just hit the third break with $10K in chips, with average stack of $10.6K. 203 players left at the third break, with 120 getting paid.

Got pretty short right after the break but doubled up with a junky unraised BB that hit a set on the flop, although I had to dodge 182 outs as villain had an OESD and a flush draw. Got short again but doubled again with another flopped set that managed to dodge another 875 outs.

I'm still kicking myself a bit, though, as I laid down aces in what developed into a huge pot on a flop of 5h 9d 10d, when there was a raise and a big re-raise in front of me. Both turned out to just be overagressive lemurs with overpairs (JJ and KK), no straight or flush draws, and I would have had a top 20 stack if I'd made the flop call. The annoying part is that an A turned, which is where all of the real money went in, so I wouldn't have even been faced with that agonizing of a dilemma.

Oh well. Turn the page. Let's see if I can make some money.

Last edit: Ended up winning baby money, going out 95th or so, for just shy of $900. I had a few hands on the bubble that I likely could have pushed (stuff like QQ107 double suited, etc.) and picked up some chips but I was fairly short stacked and was certain to fold into the money, which is basically what happened. Went out on 991010 double suited when I ran into KKxx and didn't improve.

Whee, money.

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jremotigue said...

More money coming your way for the baseball league. Well done!