Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sportsbook Bonuses

Sorry for this little space of the Intrawebs becoming sportsbook bonus central of late. Blame it on the fine folks at Mansion offering ridiculously +EV promotions.

I've gotten a lot of requests for info on other decent sportsbooks to hedge the Mansion bet at, as far as reputable books that offer good bonuses, speedy and painless cashouts, etc.

Below are some of the better ones, based on personal play over the last few years. One thing to note, and this applies to all of the books below, is to pay very careful attention to the terms for signup bonuses for sportsbooks. Nearly all of them require you to wager 3x-5x your deposit + bonus before you can cashout, which can add up to a lot of sportsbetting. They're different than poker bonuses and casino bonuses, where you can usually grind out the requirements at. That doesn't mean that they aren't +EV (as they are), and I'll follow this with a post telling you exactly how to cash in on assorted sportsbook bonuses, but just be aware that the WR for sportsbetting bonuses can be high, and often requires thousands of dollars in bets before you clear them.

1) Pinnacle: You absolutely can't beat their lines, as they consistently have the best lines in the business, day in and day out. They don't ask for ID on cashout and process most withdrawals within a few hours (although they do give you just one free withdrawal per month, with additional ones at a nominal charge). They offer a 10% signup cash bonus, up to $500, with reasonable terms.

2) LinesMaker: This is part of the SportingBet plc sportsbook family, and they offer some really nice lines from time to time, as well as a 20% up to $400 cash signup bonus. You can also get am easy free $40 for downloading and playing a few hands of blackjack in their casino, as well. On top of all that, they offer some decent $10 completely free bets throughout the football/baseball season.

3) SkyBook: Solid book with solid lines, plus they're offering a deal until September 10th where you get a 100% up to $250 free bet bonus on all deposits. (Note that free bet bonuses are slightly different than cash bonuses, as you don't get the original free bet you stake back if you win, only the winnings from the free bet.)

4) CRIS: One of the biggest and best sportsbooks, with fast withdrawals. They're currently offering a signup bonus of 20% up to $1,000 free bet.

5) CanBet: This one doesn't get much press but it's a solid book with some nice lines and very speedy, painless cashouts. Currently offer a 20% up to $300 cash bonus for new signups and some nice reloads for existing accounts.

6) 2) BetJamaica: Good lines and a 20% up to $500 cash signup bonus. No ID required for cashing out and speedy processing of withdrawals, usually with 24 hours.

7) BetWWTS: One of the biggest books out there, good lines, reasonably fast cashouts, and are offering a 20% up to $500 cash signup bonus.

8) VIP: Big book, good lines, reasonably fast cashouts and are offering a 20% up to $200 cash signup bonus, as well as a 10% up to $50 free futures bet, and a 10% up to $50 horseracing bet.

9) Bowmans: Another nice book with solid lines and quick, painless cashouts. Currently offering a 20% up to $500 cash signup bonus.

10) Bodog: Some decent lines and a bottomless 10% cash bonus on all deposits.

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