Friday, September 08, 2006

Gamblling is Fun

Still slightly in shock that the Mighty Steelers (led by Detroit Lion castoff Charlie Batch) managed to cover the 4.5 point spread last night. Definitely thought the Dolphins were getting a bit overhyped (with some pundits picking them as a sleeper Super Bowl team) but man, 4.5 points was a shit-ton. Which grew into a shit-ton + 1 when the Steeler kicker shanked the field goal attempt with 4 minutes and change left, seemingly dooming us, until that dynamic duo of Culpepper-Porter worked their magic. Unfreakingbelievable.

Today pretty much kicked my ass. I demolished the master bath at the Austin house, in preparation for re-tiling it over the weekend. While it's fun to bash tile for about thirty seconds, as far as the child-like glee of smashing something you absolutely shouldn't be smashing, that glee lasts all of about thirty seconds, for me at least. Then I quickly become resigned to the fact that it's pretty nasty, back-wrecking work, as far as filling contractor bag after contractor bag full of dead tile and sheetrock and lugging it outside, over and over and over. Then I had the pleasure of paying a plumber $300 or so to tell me that the pipes are in fact a-ok and to do about fifteen minutes of soldering. I really need to get over my fear of mucking aronud with plumbing and things electrical, as that shit gets expensive and apparently isn't really all that difficult.

Pretty busy weekend in store for me, but I should have time to watch the Longhorns thump the silly Schumckeyes.

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Gene said...

It does my heart good to see how the pokerblogosphere has embraced the Steelers. It doesn't matter how you come to the Truth, so long as you get there in the end.