Friday, September 01, 2006

Moved to the Country but Not Eating Lots of Peaches

One nice thing about joining the ranks of the commuters is that I think I'm definitely going to appreciate the perks of telecommuting on Mondays/Fridays more (as if I needed more reasons to appreciate and/or enjoy that.) 'Tis definitely nice to leisurely drink some coffee and stumble over to the computer to clock in, as opposed to spending 45 minutes in the car, just for the pleasure of entering the soul-sucking environs of HperMegaGlobalCorp.

All in all, though, the commute isn't too horrible. That was the wild card in buying new house, as far as whether we could stand the commute without going nutso. So far it hasn't been so bad, and at least you're pretty much steadily moving the whole time (it's about a 30 mile drive ito Austin) instead of being gridlocked and moving approximateky seven feet every twelve minutes. It'd definitely be nice to own a teleportation device, don't get me wrong, but it's not eye-gouging-out bad.

Still surrounded by boxes but hopefully I'll make a decent dent in those today, and we've got a three day weekend to make more progress. We're liking the house a lot so far, even in it's chaotic and unrenovated state. It's just really nice to have more room, pretty much everywhere, bumping up from 1250 sq. ft. to a little over 2000 sq. ft. It's your typical '50s ranch style house so it doesn't look that much bigger and imposing from the outside, but it's like every room grew 5-6 feet and sprouted extra closets, which is very nice.

It's also really, really quiet here. The Austin house was on the back end of a cul de sac, so it seemed pretty quiet with little traffic, but it was still in the city, with the distant hum of 183 usually barely audible. Here, though, it's ultra, utlra quiet, as we're in town but it's a small town, and we're on a pretty lightly trafficked street with huge lots. Which is nice, and will be especially nice when we get the backyard rocking with a deck and water pond and what-not.

This week has pretty much been a blur, as I've been painting at Austin house most nights, trying to finish things up there, and still moving some stuff over to the new house. I'm hoping to knock out most of the major stuff at Austin house in 2-3 weeks (including a bathroom remodel, joy), just so I can mentally pat myself on the back and not feel like I'm juggling work at two houses on top of my normal monkey routine.

Amen to the sports gods for bringing us sweet, sweet football back. Sweet Jebus that was a long, dry spell.


Marc said...

New house sounds awesome. John Prine reference in the title? Sweet!

Pokerwolf said...

Nice Presidents of the United States of America reference (if I'm right, that is). Now I've got that damn song in my head. Thanks a lot.