Tuesday, September 26, 2006

World's Most Boring Degenerate

Not much exciting to report at all from the last few days. I'm still trying to catch up on assorted freelance work, still grinding away at sportsbook bonuses, still sneaking in a few quick HORSE sessions, still picking off house projects here and there, all that good stuff.

Looking forward to new Lost episodes, and I still need to catch up on WSOP ME coverage. I finally saw the Lisandro/Prahlad Friedman brouhaha, and have to admit that my take was a little different than many of the reactions I saw around the blogosphere, agreeing with Lisandro's strong desire to kick Friedman's teeth in for the insult. I mean, yeah, Friedman was being an annoying douchebag, and was doing it intentionally, but I thought Lisandro's reaction was overblown. Maybe I don't defend my own personal honor forcefully enough, but if some annoying douchebag wants to insist that I cheated when I didn't, well, umm, whatever. It wasn't like the table as a whole was questioning Lisandro or anything was going on other than Friedman insistently whining like a wee little girl that Lisandro didn't ante. Seemed a pretty obvious attempt to get under his skin and I was a little surprised that it wasn't shrugged off as exactly that, even if he was implying that Lisandro was an untrustworthy cheater who didn't ante.

I'm at a bit of a loss, as far as poker for the near future. I feel like I've been spinning my wheels for quite awhile, hopping from here to there to this to that, largely because, umm, that's exactly what I've been doing. This last downturn knocked me down to pretty much even on the year, which is more than a little disappointing. I'm shying away from playing mid/high limits as I keep rolling around the idea of buying another house, and want to build up the supply of dry powder if I pull the trigger on that plan. Which is a fine plan, but it's been hard to play poker with an focus of late, as my "plan" largely consists of playing for meaningful (but not too meaningful) stakes, which isn't much of a plan and conducive to the spinning of wheels. Which would be fine, as I like playing poker, but it's sucking time from assorted endeavors that'd further the cause, as far as getting me to a financial place where I could make an equivalent living from buying/renovating/flipping properties.

I suppose it's more a matter of just slowing the hell down, and not feeling like I'm racing some sort of looming clock. Turn the clock back four years ago and I was living in a rented apartment with a few thousand in savings and many thousands owed in student loans. ScurvyWife and I were home owners two years or so ago, but with very little in savings and multiple thousands in debt from our wedding. Fast forward to today and we suddenly own two homes, with a nice chunk of money stashed away. Not bad progress, that, and something I should keep in mind. It's not the end of the world if I have to grind away for four or five more years, if the payoff is the freedom along the lines of that outlined much more finely by Klopzi than I could here.


Gene said...

I think part of the reasons Lisandro's reaction was so violent was that there were TV cameras around. If it's just in a casino with a few railbirds watching, no big deal. If he just sits there while Friedman accuses him on cheating and says things like "I don't trust you", there are millions of people who might be watching that over and over and over again. And if either of them wins the Main Event and becomes mega-famous, that becomes a serious issue.

While I might get ticked at someone calling me a liar in front of a few people, in front of an audience of millions (especially when your professional reputation is being called into question), it calls for a more forceful response.

ScottMcM said...

You need to come out of the shell and play more live!

Damnit come play this sunday.

Jordan said...

Scurv, I didn't see the episode, but someone implied that I was cheating during a tournament once. Some kid made a donkey play and I read him right, so I called him with a less-than-big hand. The guy next to me, who looked exactly like Vic Mackey from the Shield, basically said that my "buddy" just dumped his chips to me. This guy was big, but it got my adrenaline going, and I basically called him out. I don't think my reaction was right, but poker is such a game of honor, and if someone questions your honor in public, its hard not to get heated about it. But, what you said is very true. More often then not, the accuser is just trying to rile you up, so you are better off taking a deep breath and ignoring the fuckface.