Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yada Yada Yada

Had a long, sorta-whiney post worked up that will probably stay in Blogger draft-land, that wonderful, hellish purgatory that some posts seem eternally doomed to live in. The gist of it was that I dumped a pretty painful amount of genuine American dollars into the 30/60 HORSE game at Stars over the weekend, for absolutely no good reason. Instead of covering ground I've covered many times before, I'll just leave it with this: poker seems to have the bewitching quality of bringing out the absolute best and worst in ourselves, despite of/because of our own best/worst efforts.

There. I can be brief and concise, damnit. See?

Bathroom renovation project is nearing the end game, which is a big relief. I suppose I can chalk it up in the success category (despite the water pipe debacle, and a little jigginess to one corner when tiling due to the dang ol' tub not being level and me not checking and compensating for that beforehand), and it's good to get that experience under my belt, as far as what's involved in completely tearing down and building back up a bathroom. With everything else going on and time being at a premium, I'd probably bite the bullet and pay some tile extortionist to do it all, if I had it all to do over again, but the thought of renovating the guest bathroom at the new place doesn't fill me with dread now, especially if I take my time with it.

Yay, sportsbetting. For whatever reason I've been pretty spot-on with my early reads for the NFL season, doing well in all the assorted pools I'm in. Which'll very likely fade as the year goes on, but is fun while it lasts.

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