Tuesday, October 26, 2004

BlogExplosion: Boom or Bust?

I've been playing around with BlogExplosion for the last few days, and it's an interesting idea. The basic idea is that if you have a blog and want more traffic/exposure, you can sign up for a free BlogExplosion account and get reciprocal traffic for browsing other blogs that have signed up for their network.

Once you set up an account and register your blog you can start viewing other blogs and accumulating credits. The interface is pretty simple, as they just display the blogs you surf in a framed window, and you click for the next blog at the top of the browser (after a 30 second timer has counted down). For every two blogs that you view, the system sends someone else to your blog.

It does generate a lot of traffic, although some of it is obviously forced. For every person interested in your blog there are probably five that couldn't care a bit, and are just waiting for the timer to count down to view the next blog. But it's an interesting idea, and you definitely stumble across some unique blogs that you'd never otherwise find.

If you're bored and/or interested in a free, easy way to increase visitors to your blog, give BlogExplosion a whirl.

1 comment:

pylorns said...

Usually when i come across a blog that uses just the default blogger templates like yours I pass it over. i may read whats on the page briefly because i got 30 seconds im looking at the page. I guess I feel like if your going to sign up for blog explosion, you feel like you have a reason for others to see your blog, but if your just like every other blog, whats the point?