Friday, October 29, 2004

Pacific Poker Site Review

Big Bonuses + Big Fish = Big Payday for YOU

Pacific Poker should be at the top of every serious poker platey's hitlist. The site has everything you look for: thousands of players online at any given moment, a hefty initial signup bonus, and some of the loosest, fishiest players east and west of the Mississppi.

One key fact to keep in mind about Pacific is that it has a sister casino site, Casino-On-Net, which means that there's a steady influx of bad, bad poker players that also love to gamble. That's a nice combination that, more often than not, results in a fatter wallet for YOU.

As far as the site itself, Pacific is a fairly high traffic site, with games constantly running at any limit you like. They offer all the normal poker flavors, limit, no-limit, and pot limit, as well as Stud and Omaha. Unlike some larger sites, they offer micro-limit tables, all the way down to .5/.10, and all the way up to 30/60. As far as tournaments, they offer both single and multi-table tournaments, offering a larger buy-in MTT tournament every weekend.

The software is decent, but leaves a bit to be desired. The cards are a bit small and the action is in general a little clunky, slowing down table speed somewhat. The biggest problem, though, is that the site only supports playing at one table at a time. So if you're a hyperactive poker monkey, always playing 4 tables at a time, reading a book, watching tv, it'll take some getting used to, as far as just playing one table at a time.

The Pacific signup bonus is a very good one, 25% up to $100, and fairly easy to clear. It's a slightly odd format to clear, as they require that you wager a total of $2,000 in bets before you can cashout the bonus, but it goes pretty quickly. Cashouts aren't as fast as at some sites, but usually are processed within 72 hours.

On a scale of 10, Pacific gets a 9. Loose, bad players, a juicy signup bonus, and games at every level more than make up for the annoyance of only being able to play a single table at a time. If you haven't hit this site yet, you owe it to yourself (and your bankroll) to give it a whirl.

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