Monday, October 11, 2004

The Good, Bad, and Just Plain Ugly


I got much done this weekend on the yard and house, including lugging and placing two tons or so of ginormous limestone blocks as a deck border, plus re-sodding about a quarter of the backyard. That's the last of the big daddy home improvement projects until next spring. Except for some trim painting here and there, the house is pretty much good to go and ready for assorted visitors to descend upon it at the end of the month.

The Bad

The poker gods thumped me soundly upon the head this weekend. Successful poker takes a decent amount of hubris, methinks, but one should also never forget that, to some extent, you're always at the mercy of the cards. I just got hammered, over and over and over. I cashed in $200 at PokerPlex, chasing their $50 monthly bonus, and nearly lost the whole damn cash-in in a couple of hours. Which is pretty hard to do, playing 1/2. I jumped over to Absolute, same damn result. I finally just gave up and went out and worked in the yard.

I manage to salvage a bit of the damage yesterday, running the remaining $15 at PokerPlex back to $125, counting the bonus. I also hit a hot run of cards at Absolute, including one ridiculous hand where I accidentally raised pre-flop at a 2/4 table with J8o. I was multi-tabling 4 tables and simply misclicked. What was worse is there had already been a raise, two calls, and a re-raise before it got to me. Hee. Everyone else just called and the flop came 10 9 2. Hee. I caught the 7 on the turn for the straight and ended up taking down a huge pot, beating out a lower straight and a set. No one even berated me for playing and raising with such dumbass cards.

The Ugly

My lord I sucked it up with my NFL picks this week. Not to mention OU blanking the less than mighty Longhorns. I'm not sure I've had a week this bad. Ever. So far I'm 4-9 and 1-3 on money games (with the only win in cash games coming from the Vikings scoring a TD in OT). Just. Plain. Ugly.

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