Friday, October 01, 2004

Just a Gigolo

I've been whoring it up good the last few days. After the Empire fiasco I hopped over to Party, first to clear the SEPREL04 bonus, cashed out, cashed back in immediately for the LOADOCT. Now I'm waiting for the last Party cash out to clear so I can knock out the Empire EPCOMPREL (10% up to $100 for people who got shafted on the $500 bonus they jerked back). Then it's off to the Crypto sites for their monthly bonuses. I also still need to do the Absolute first deposit bonus, as I've still not gotten around to that one.

Cards are suddenly running really, really well. I would like to say that renewed study and thinking is responsible but it's more a case of really good cards smacking me in the face. I played in 6 $30 SnGs on Party yesterday, finished 1st in 4 of them and 2nd in the other two. I also took down a +$400 PL Omaha pot, the largest single online pot of any sort I've ever won.

Omaha has definitely caught my glinty crow eye lately. I'm surprised it's not more popular with the typical Party gamboolers, especially PLO, as the pots can be absolutely enormous, even at the lowest $25 max buy-in levels. The $25 PL game is completely insane, with maybe 10-20% of hands seeing 2-3 people all-in preflop. And these aren't nut peddlers shoving all-in, either, as people will shove with hands like J J 9 2. Granted, there's not a huge advantage between any two hands pre-flop in Omaha, and you get sucked out on a lot, per the nature of the beast, but at the moment I'm finding it hard not to make money. If you can be disciplined with starting hands and have a deep enough bankroll to survive the variance, PLO can be pretty juicy, even at the lowest levels.

The backyard renovation project is nearing completion. Well, phase one, at least. I've got to get a truckload of crushed granite today to fill in around the patio stones, plus some more lava rock, but the water pond is up and running, plants are planted, and all that jazz. Despite relatively cool weather for Texas, I swear I've sweated out approximately 47 gallons of, umm, sweat, the last two weeks. I've still got the limestone borders to build, and a goodly bit of dirt to move to fill in a couple of raised beds, but that's about it. Already looking forward to next spring, when we can get serious about planting some cool stuff, now that everything else is in order.

T minus 29 days until I get married. Eep.

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