Friday, October 29, 2004

PokerPlex Site Review

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PokerPlex should be a regular stop on your poker playing circuit, for a whole slew of reasons. Nice monthly bonus that's simple as pie to clear, loose players that love to gambool, and plenty of tables and players.

Like other Crypto sites, PokerPlex offers all the normal poker variants, limit, no-limit, and pot limit, as well as Stud and Omaha. The lowest limit offered is 1/2, so if you're used to .50/1 or below, keep that fact in mind.

PokerPlex uses Crypto software, which can be a sit slow and memory intensive. It's functional, though, and has no annoying avatars or other distractions. While it's a bit annoying, the pool of players that Crypto sites share more than make up for it. Lots of bad, bad players pour into the poker rooms from Crypto casino sites and you'll find them right there next to you, calling you all the way to the river with bottom pair.

The PokerPlex signup bonus is a very good one, $50 each month for being dealt 300 hands. Pop open a few tables and you'll clear this sucker in an hour or two, pocketing a cool fifty bucks. Better yet, you can claim the bonus each and every month. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you'll have to wait for a PIN number to be snail-mailed to you before you can cash out of the site. This is the case with almost all the Crypto sites and there's no real way around it. On the bright side, you'll usually get the PIN a week or so after signing up and depositing money, so you shouldn't have to wait too long.

On a scale of 10, Pacific gets a 7. Loose players that love to gambool and a fat monthly bonus more than offset the sometimes clunky Crypto software and the slight annoyance of having to wait to receive your PIN number to cashout.

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