Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Casino Affiliate Programs

Casino affiliate programs are great ways to make additional income if you have a blog, website, or any other online service devoted to gambling. With a minimum of effort you can have banners and links up in seconds, turning your existing website into a cash cow.

There are two main types of casino affiliate programs: cost per acquisition (CPA) and revenue sharing. Both have their advantages and disadvantages so be sure to pick the one that best fits the traffic of your website. CPA programs pay you a flat fee for every player you refer, usually on a sliding scale, paying more for a greater number of players referred each month. Revenue sharing programs pay you a fixed percentage of the revenue produced by referred players.

Casino Affiliate Programs

CPA/Revenue Sharing:

  • Sunny Diamonds: up to $350 CPA or 31% commission>

  • CasinoBlasters: earn up to $250 per player or up to 50% gross revenue

  • Casino Rewards: $50 per player or 35% gross revenue

  • CasinoPays: up to $300 CPA or 35% gross revenue

  • Revenue Sharing Programs
  • Casino Profit Share: up to 35% commission

  • Fortune Affiliates: up to 40% commission

  • AllStar Affiliates: up to 30% commission

  • ReferBack: up to 35% commission

  • Income Access

  • AdRiches: up to 35% commission

  • Integrity Casinos: up to 35% commission

  • Acropolis Casinos: up to 35% commission

  • MySportsAffiliate

  • 9AM

  • VIPProfits
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